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Photo: Breno Lobato
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New cultivars of passion fruit are tastier and
generate employment and income in the countryside

Brazil is the world's largest producer and consumer of passion fruit, with yearly production close to 700,000 tons. This culture finds its economic and financial viability in small areas, making it attractive for the family farmer to achieve professionalization, while its consumption, fresh or industrialized, is already integrated in the Brazilian diet, in addition to the demands of the pharmaceutical, ornamental plants, and cosmetics industries. However its productivity is considered low, at around 14 tons per hectare. To facilitate the agribusiness of passion fruit, Embrapa Cerrados has developed, in recent years, new hybrid cultivars of high productivity, high physical and chemical quality of fruits and greater tolerance to diseases. Among these cultivars are hybrids of passion fruit BRS Yellow Giant and BRS Savannah Sun. Their productivity under conditions of Cerrado have surpassed 40 tons per hectare per year in properly managed orchards, and they can be grown practically in all states and regions of the country. According to Embrapa Products and Market since their launch in 2008, it is estimated that the cultivation of these hybrids has involved an area of 8,000 hectares, corresponding to 15% of the national cultivated area of passion fruit. In 2016 approximately 2,400 hectares were planted, benefiting farmers in 590 properties, which generated approximately of 5,000 direct jobs as well as 10,000 indirect, and BRL 400 million in the wholesale market.

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