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Photo: Ronaldo Rosa
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Management technology doubles the production
of assai and benefits riverine communities in the Amazon

The assai palm (Euterpe oleracea Mart) is a plant native to the Amazon. The Brazilian State of Para is the main centre of natural dispersion of the species. This palm tree stands out among the various plant resources for its abundance and for producing food for local populations, as well as being the main source of raw material for the hearth of palm agroindustry in Brazil. Management technology of the assai palm, developed by Embrapa Eastern Amazon, is based on the removal of plants from shrubs and trees of low commercial value, which spaces are occupied by assaizeiros plants from seed or transplanted from nearby, or yet enriched with the planting of other species of commercial interest, conciliating, rational and balanced environmental protection with economic performance. Its adoption, does not require the use of inputs or the use of machinery, and is able to double the productivity of the assai palm in relation to traditional practice. Launched in 1999, this technology received support from various institutions: The Executive Secretariat of Science, Technology and Environment, the Amazon Development Agency, the Amazonia Bank, the Project in Support of the Development of Agricultural Technology to Brazil and the Corporation of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension of the State of Para. The technology adoption is currently being enlarged to 59,000 hectares, mainly in the states of Para and Amapa. Its economic benefit to the region in 2016 was approximately BRL 112 million.

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