Photo: Manuela Bergamin
Photo: Manuela Bergamin
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BRS Estribo Sudan grass cultivar is more
productive and benefits 8,000 properties in RS State

Cattle raising in southern Brazil is going through a moment of transition. Producers search, in meat production, the intensification of systems, with increasing use of cultivated pastures in addition to native ones. In milk production, many producers are seeking cost savings, with the expansion of the use of high pasture productivity and reduction in the use of feed concentrates. To meet this need Embrapa South Livestock, in partnership with the South-Brazilian Association for the Promotion of Forage Research and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul launched in 2013 the BRS Estribo Sudan grass cultivar. In addition to high productivity, this forage has high-capacity of tillering, presence of thinner stems, flexible management for the conditions of continuous grazing or rotated, as well as a longer cycle of utilization. Due to these qualities this cultivar area of influence has been growing since its launch. During the 2015/16 harvest, it accounted for approximately 340,000 hectares in at least 8,000 properties in Rio Grande do Sul State and an economic benefit of BRL 77,000,000. For the 2016/17 harvest, it is expected that it will exceed 500,000 acres planted in at least 12,000 properties, with expansion in the states of Santa Catarina and Parana, and economic gains of BRL 110 million.

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