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Estimates of new jobs that were created in 2015 by farmers who adopted the technological solutions generated by Embrapa, in many segments of production chain; it only measures additional jobs in comparison with the previous year.

Technologies Embrapa Unit Unit of Measurement Jobs
Management of native floodplain assai palm groves for fruit production Amapa  Hectare  4,000
New banana tree cultivars for Amapa state Amapa  Hectare  240
Bragantino food production system Amapa  Hectare  400
Fungicide application on the axil of the second leaf of banana plants to control Black Sigatoka Western Amazon  Hectare  21
Intensive tambaqui production in excavated tanks Western Amazon  Hectares of water surface  50
BRS Para assai palm cultivar Eastern Amazon  Hectare  3,983
Productivity Trio Eastern Amazon  Hectare  100
Management of native assai palm groves Eastern Amazon  Hectare  172
BRS Estilo carioca type bean cultivar Rice and Beans  Hectare  684
BRS Esmeralda upland rice cultivar Rice and Beans  Hectare  696
BRS Esteio commercial black bean cultivar (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) - BRS Esteio Rice and Beans  Hectare  36
Confinement lamb finishing Goats and Sheep  Hectare  274
Vermin control for goats and sheep in the Semi-Arid region Goats and Sheep  Head  600
Agrosilvopastoral production system for the Caatinga region Goats and Sheep  Head  100
SisEucalipto - Software for managing and precision management of eucalyptus plantations Florestry  Hectare  60
Severe frost-tolerant Eucalyptus benthamii Florestry  Hectare  210
Embrapa's Technological Information Agency - Ageitec Agricultural Informatics  na  2,297
BRS 1010 hybrid maize seed Maize and Sorghum  Hectare  396
Production techniques applied to the extensive beef cattle production system in Pantanal region Pantanal  Hectare  488
BRS Estribo Sudan grass cultivar South Livestock  na  12
Assisted introduction of the Booroola gene in sheep flocks South Livestock  na  10
Campo Limpo selective chemical herbicide applicator South Livestock  na  12
BRS Tracaja soybean cultivar Roraima  Hectare  24
Cowpea Production System with BNF adoption in Roraima croplands Roraima  Hectare  424
Integrated mango production Semi-Arid  Hectare  9,119
Integrated table grape production Semi-Arid  Hectare  13,122
Cassava chips Semi-Arid  Hectare  5,255
Embrapa 051 freerange laying hen Swine and Poultry  na  408
Embrapa MS115 boar Swine and Poultry  Head  36
Total     43,229

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