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Each Brazilian Real invested generated
BRL 11.37 to Brazilian society

A Social Profit of BRL 34.88 billion was calculated for 2016, due to the economic impacts of 117 technologies and about 200 cultivars included in the Social Report. Relating this Social Profit to the Net Operational Revenues (NR) in 2016 the relationship is 11.37. This indicates that considering only the NR in 2016 and the Social Profit obtained the annual turnover was more than 11 times that investment.

Average internal rate of return of 38.2%

Investing in technology is really worth it. We evaluated the returns of investments carried out by Embrapa in the generation of the monitored and evaluated technologies since 1997, year of release of the first Social Report, as adopted by farmers. This return indicates high profitability. The internal rate of return (IRR) of these investments was estimated at 38.2%.

43,229 new jobs created in 2016

The generation of new jobs arising from the use of Embrapa technologies is another indicator attesting its high social return. This is a baseline figure, as it refers to new jobs generated by the technologies assessed in this report. Since the Corporation has developed and transferred thousands of technologies, products, and services to Brazilian society throughout the course of its history, such impact on the number of jobs created each year is much higher.

1,106 Actions of Relevant Social Interest
and 63 awards and honours

Embrapa is recognized not only by the generation of technologies but also by its involvement in solving Brazilian problems. In 2016 this recognition materialised by receiving 63 awards and honours by the institution and its employees. Its social responsibility is reflected in more than 1,000 actions contemplating several issues of which 29% promoted gender or race equity, 10% food security and productive inclusion and 43% professional training and technological updating.

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