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Recognition from society:
in 2016, 63 awards and honours

In 2016, Embrapa's researchers, products, actions, and projects received 63 prizes and honours: 17 international, 6 national, 16 scientific, and 24 regional awards.

17 International Awards

  • Technology transfer award 2016, granted by the United States Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to researchers of Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, Arthur Mariante, Eduardo Cajueiro and Samuel Paiva.
  • French-Monar Latin American Award, granted by the American Phytopathological Society Foundation (APS, Florida, USA) to the PhD project of fellow Renan Macedo, guided by a researcher at Embrapa Rice and Beans, Murillo Lobo Junior.
  • Certificate of good practices delivered to Embrapa Temperate Agriculture researcher, Fernando Rogerio Costa Gomes, by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  • Plaque of recognition by the Protein Research Foundation (PRF), from South Africa, to Embrapa Soybean researchers, Norman Neumaier and Marcelo Fernandes de Oliveira.
  • Medal of the University of Burgundy of France granted to Embrapa Grapes and Wine by the Unesco Chair of Wine Culture and Traditions.
  • New Talents Award, low carbon livestock category, granted by the World Bank, Future Forum, Minas Gerais State Research Foundation (Fapemig), Goias State Research Foundation (Fapeg) and Central Cooperative of Farmers of Minas Gerais (CCPR), to the scholar Patrick Basheer, guided by Fabiana Villa Alves, researcher of Embrapa Beef Cattle.
  • First place prize in the "Teaching, dissemination and transfer of technology" session, of the Latin American Meeting of Rizobiologia (Relar), granted to the poster of Andre Mateus Prando, Arnold Barbosa and Mariangela Hungria, researchers of Embrapa Soybean, and the extension workers from Emater, Fernando Teixeira de Oliveira and Nelson Harger.
  • Best Posters of Public Health and Ethnopharmacology Session of the VIII Ibero-American Symposium on Medicinal Plants and III Iberoamerican Symposium on Cancer Research, to Fernanda Ilkiu-Borges and Silvane Tavares Rodrigues, researchers of Embrapa Eastern Amazon.
  • Ivo Giolito Award, received by Marcelo Lazzaroto, from Embrapa Forests, in the X Brazilian Congress and IV Pan American Congress of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.
  • Selection of the project "Pupunha palm heart in family agriculture" by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to integrate its platform of "Good practices for sustainable development".

6 National Awards

  • Tribute by the Brazilian Association of Climatology (ABClima) to the researcher Eduardo Assad, of Embrapa Agricultural Informatics.
  • Merit Award ABCZ offered by the Brazilian Zebu Breeders' Association (ABCZ) to a researcher of Embrapa Satellite Monitoring, Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda.
  • Honorable Mention of the Peter Muranyi Award to the researcher of Embrapa Instrumentation Marcos David Ferreira granted by the Foundation of the same name.
  • Von Martius Sustainability Award, in the category, Technology to the project "Planting Waters", coordinated by the NGO Iniciativa Verde, together with Embrapa Instrumentation.
  • Title of Doctor Honoris Causa granted by Federal University of Reconcavo of Bahia to the retired Embrapa Soils researcher Paulo Klinger Tito Jacomine.
  • Dalmo Catauli Giacometti Award, assigned to the retired researcher from Embrapa Grapes and Wine, Umberto de Almeida Camargo, in the IV Brazilian Congress of Genetic Resources.

16 Scientific Awards

  • Award for Best Dissertation in Animal Production, awarded by Northeastern Society of Animal Production (SNPA) at the XXV Latin American Congress of Livestock to animal science student Ana Claudia Alves Primo, directed by researcher Henrique Antunes de Souza, of Embrapa Goats and Sheep.
  • First place in category Dissertation of Abrapcorp Award of Theses and Dissertations 2016, granted by the Brazilian Association of Researchers of Organizational Communication and Public Relations to the analyst Joanicy Brito of Secretariat of Communications - Secom.
  • ANCIB Award of Theses and Dissertations, received by the analyst of Embrapa Satellite Monitoring Daniela Maciel Pinto, from the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Library and Information Science (ANCIB).
  • Capes Award to Ph.d. thesis of Priscilla da Silva Delabona, guided by the Embrapa Instrumentation researcher Cristiane Sanchez Farinas.
  • Vale-Capes Award of Science and Sustainability to master's thesis defended by Alfredo Augusto Pereira Xavier, guided by the researcher Deborah Marcondes, of Embrapa Instrumentation.
  • Honorable Mention in the III Brazilian Congress of Rochagem (CBR) granted respectively to researchers Clenio Nailto Pillon, of Embrapa Temperate Agriculture, and Eder de Souza Martins, of Embrapa Cerrados.
  • Award for Best Technical Report, granted by the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE) to Pedro Henrique Nicolau Pinto, guided by Embrapa Goats and Sheep researcher Jeferson Ferreira da Fonseca.
  • Prize for best work in the 2014-2016 period by the magazines Planta Daninha and Revista Brasileira de Herbicidas to the researcher of Embrapa Soybean Dionisio Gazziero.
  • Angelo Moreira da Costa Lima and Future of Earth Awards, granted respectively by the Entomological Society of Brazil (SEB) and Rio Grande do Sul State Research Foundation (Fapergs) with the newspaper Jornal do Comercio, to the researchers Ricardo Antonio Panizzi, of Embrapa Wheat, and Jamir Luis Silva da Silva, of Embrapa Temperate Agriculture.
  • Featured Work Award of the Subcommittee for Improvement, Industrial Aptitude and Seeds of the 10th Meeting of the Brazilian Commission of Wheat and Triticale (RCBTT) awarded to researchers at Embrapa Trigo, Edina Regina Moresco, Joaquim Soares Sobrinho and Marcio So e Silva.
  • Best full paper of the 7th Edition of the Brazilian Workshop of Agile Methods (WBMA), by Agile Alliance Brazil to the analyst Isaac Vacari of Embrapa Agricultural Informatics.
  • Best work in the area of mass spectrometry assigned at the 18th Meeting of Analytical Chemistry, to the pos-doc scholar Aline Fernandes, in partnership with the researchers Ana Rita Nogueira (Embrapa Southeast Livestock), Kevin Kubachka and Joseph Caruso (University of Cincinnati) and Julio Landero (FDA).

24 Regional Awards

  • Chico Mendes Award in the category State initiative, awarded by Elias Mansour Culture Foundation (FEM) to the Head of Embrapa Acre, Eufran Ferreira do Amaral.
  • Medal of Merit granted by the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Acre and Mutual/AC to Embrapa Acre.
  • Water Guardians Trophy, delivered by the Regulatory Agency for Water, Energy and Sanitation of the Federal District (Adasa) to the researcher from Embrapa Cerrados, Enoch Furquim Werneck Lima.
  • Comenda Centenary of Joao Simoes Lopes Neto, assigned to the researcher at Embrapa Temperate Agriculture Luis Eduardo Correa Antunes, by the Pelotense Academy of Letters (APL).
  • Seal of Accessibility, Silver category, delivered by the Municipal Council of Persons with Disabilities and the city of Sobral to Embrapa Goats and Sheep.
  • Senator Nilo Coelho Medal, given to researchers Jorge Ribaski, of Embrapa Forests and Lucia Helena Piedade Kiil, Marcos Antonio Drummond and Saulo de Tarso Aguiar, of Embrapa Semi-Arid, by the city of Petrolina (PE).
  • Comenda Felisberto Camargo, delivered by the Brazilian Association of Sindhi Breeders to Rosangela Silveira Barbosa, researcher from Embrapa Semi-Arid.
  • Honour of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, in partnership with the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Mato Grosso do Sul, to researchers of Embrapa Beef Cattle Rodrigo Gomes and Fabiana Alves.
  • Honour from the City of Campo Grande Legislature for Embrapa Beef Cattle, in commemoration of its 39 years of existence.
  • Commemorative Plaque of the II Seminary Soil and Water delivered to the researcher from Embrapa Satellite Monitoring, Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda, by the Corporation of Development of the Valleys of San Francisco and of Paranaiba (Codevasf).
  • Tribute to Embrapa Soybean, granted by the Londrina Convention and Bureau at the First Meeting of Tourism Ambassadors.
  • Diploma of Legislative Merit of Honour, awarded by City of Dourados Legislature (MS) to the analyst at Embrapa Western Agriculture Gessi Ceccon.
  • Diploma of Legislative Merit of Honour, by the Mato Grosso do Sul State Legislature, to the researcher Marciana Retore of Embrapa Western Agriculture.
  • Title of Meritorious Citizen assigned by the City of Dourados Legislature (MS) to the researcher from Embrapa Western Agriculture Milton Parron Padovan.
  • Prize at the 26th Congress of Animal Husbandry, category Ruminants Production and Nutrition, received by the doctoral candidate Gisele Aparecida Felix, along with researchers Ubiratan Piovezan and Urbano Gomes Pinto de Abreu, of Embrapa Pantanal.
  • Comenda of Merit Fapeal, granted by Alagoas State Research Foundation (Fapeal) to the researcher Antonio Dias Santiago, of Embrapa Coastal Tablelands.
  • Agronomist of the Year Award, received by the Head of Embrapa Coastal Tablelands, Manoel Moacir Costa Macedo, by the Association of Agronomists of Sergipe (AEASE).
  • The Best of Agribusiness in 2016 Award, category Revelation of Agribusiness of the Year, awarded by the Rural Union of Castanhal (PA) to Embrapa Eastern Amazon analyst Joao Paulo Castanheira Lima Both.
  • Tribute to Embrapa Southeast Livestock at the opening of the Agribusiness Coopercitrus Fair (Feacoop), in Bebedouro (SP).

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